Drop Off and Pick Up Announcement

Drop Off and Pick Up Announcement
Posted on 09/02/2019
Parking Lot Map

Dear Pearson Families,

Welcome back to Pearson for a great year of learning and fun!  Staff has been working hard to get classrooms ready to invite our eager learners on September 4th.  I wanted to share a few helpful reminders about Pearson’s arrival and dismissal procedures.

Parent Drop-Off:

  • We ask that you remain with your student until 9:10 when students can get breakfast and/or enter their classrooms.  This is a change from last year.
  • Please keep students safe by:
    • Not driving when kids are not buckled in properly and follow all the legal safety requirements for car seats and seat assignments required by law.
    • Using the cross-walk areas and double checking to make sure drivers see that you are crossing;
    • Staying off play equipment before school starts;
  • If you are parking and walking your student in, please model these same behaviors with or without you child.  Please don’t block the arrival line that is entering the main Pearson parking loop.

    End of Day Dismissal:

  • Use the two lanes in the parking lot and turn off your car until directed to pull forward by the flagger.
  • Post your car tag (you will receive) on your dash so we can help match kids with cars. 
  • If your child is in grade k-2, you will most likely want to be earlier to the line as your kids will arrive for pick up first.  If your student is in grade 3-5, they arrive later. 
  • If you are parking and getting out of your car, please wait in the designated area. 

If you have a change in plans for dismissal, please inform the office at 360-396-3750 no later than 3:00 (2:10 on early release Wednesdays).

A helpful way to support your student’s classroom teacher is to keep interactions friendly and brief.  Drop-off and pick-up times are not a great place to conference with teachers.  Our teachers are more than happy to schedule a time to meet if you have items to discuss.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with these reminders and the Pearson Parking Lot Documents.  It is a small space, but it runs smoothly when we are all working off the same expectations.

It’s my great honor to be working at Pearson this year!  Let’s all make it the best one yet!

Charles Jamieson