Welcome to Pearson Elementary

 Welcome to Pearson Elementary



We wish to take this opportunity to welcome you to Pearson.

We believe Pearson is a very special place for children and adults. The school has a warm, open and nurturing atmosphere where students, staff and parents are committed to working together to provide the best possible education for each of our students. Our goal is to help each child be successful and develop skills for a lifetime of learning.

We encourage parents to have an active role in the educational environment. We invite you to volunteer. There are many opportunities for you to get involved; PTA functions, Art Docent program, special projects or enrichment activities. Perhaps you have a special talent you can share or maybe you have some extra time you can donate in a classroom. Whatever your circumstances, we truly appreciate all the time and effort you put towards your children.

Communication between home and school is essential in creating a successful environment for learning. The school newsletter provides a vital link between home and school. Their purpose is to keep you informed of pertinent school activities and occasionally offer tips on parenting, homework, or extra enrichment ideas. We welcome any questions, suggestions or concerns. The school office number is 396-3750 and can be reached between the hours of 8:15 AM to 4:15 PM. For your convenience, voicemail will take a message when the office is not open.

Through effective effort and appropriate expectations we know every child can learn. We sincerely hope you will join with us in creating a home-school partnership. Your support and involvement is greatly appreciated as we work together to invest in our children and our future.



The Pearson Staff