Class Placement Procedures

Hilder Pearson Elementary’s Policies and Procedures

for Placement of Students in Classes

The staff of Pearson Elementary takes the responsibility of placing students in a classroom very seriously.    Our goal is to design well balanced classes which create the optimal learning environment for all our students. The criteria and process we use to achieve this goal are described below.

Student Placement Criteria:

  • Classes will be balanced by gender as much as possible.
  • Classes will be balanced by academic abilities and needs as much as possible.
  • Classes will be balanced equitably by number of students as much as possible.
  • Classes will be balanced by social, emotional, and behavioral needs as much as possible. 

Student Placement Process:

  • The principal will receive a student-to-teacher staffing ratio from the district.
  • The staff will work to establish the number of classes at each grade level.
  • A form for parent input is sent home in the Pearson newsletter and is available in our office around mid-April.   Parents may return the form to the child’s current teacher with information about their child’s learning styles, abilities, and needs.
  • Placement teams develop a balanced class group, not a specific teacher’s class list.  
  • Placing students in a balanced class group instead of in a specific teacher’s class is done because teacher positions often change, and a teacher may not be assigned to teach at a particular grade level the next year. In addition, fluctuations in enrollment over the summer can cause grade level teaching assignments to change.
  • In August, the principal makes changes in the lists due to new registrations or withdrawals and posts the finished class lists during the last week of August. 

Classroom Visitations:

  • Parents are welcome to schedule an observation visit to the classroom in which their child is currently assigned.   The purpose of a classroom observation should be to enhance a parent’s understanding of their child as a learner in a classroom setting.
  • Observation visits to classrooms in which your child is not currently assigned will not be scheduled.   These visitations can adversely affect the teaching and learning environment.

 Our office staff is happy to share information about each of our teacher’s class expectations, building procedures, and district policies. You are always welcome to schedule an appointment with the principal as well if you have any further questions or concerns. We hope you have found this explanation of our class placement process helpful.