Classroom Visitation Procedures

Pearson Elementary’s Classroom Visitation Procedures

(In Accordance with District Policy 4200P)


Thank you for requesting a visitation!   The staff of Pearson Elementary enthusiastically welcomes our community to our building.   We enjoy the opportunity to share with you the wonderful learning that is taking place at Pearson.   The staff also takes very seriously the responsibility of providing a safe and positive classroom learning environment for students.    The Pearson staff works hard to maintain a class climate that has a minimum of disruptions to the teaching and learning process.   In order to ensure maximum learning opportunities for our students, we follow these policies and procedures for visitors to the classroom.

  • Parents are welcome to schedule an observation visit to the classroom in which their child is currently assigned.   The purpose of a classroom observation should be to enhance an understanding of the teaching and learning activities experienced by your child. An observation visit can also enhance a parent’s understanding of their child as a learner in a classroom setting. 
  • Observation visits to a classroom in which your child is not currently assigned will not be scheduled.   Visitations by unfamiliar guests disrupt the teaching and learning, and can adversely affect the classroom climate. Our office staff is happy to share information about each of our teacher’s class expectations, building procedures, and district policies should you have any questions.     
  • According to district policy, visitors should make a request to the principal at least two days in advance of the desired visitation.    
  • The principal shall notify the teacher and arrange a time that will enhance a parent’s understanding of the teaching and learning activities experienced regularly by their child. We will schedule a time that is both convenient for the parent and is not disruptive to the teaching and learning process.
  • If the principal and/or teacher determine the visitation to be disruptive or to be adversely affecting the teaching and learning process, it shall not take place or shall be terminated. 
  • All visitors must sign in at the office upon their arrival at the school. 
  • All visitors must wear a visitor’s badge while they are in the building. 
  • The visitor may be asked to confer with the teacher before or after the observation to enhance their understanding of the activities.
  • All visitors must sign out at the office at the end of their visitation.

We hope you have found this explanation of our class visitation process helpful.