Check Out Information

Check Out Information!

Each week your child will have the opportunity to check out books from the library. Kindergarteners will check out 1 book, which will remain in their classroom. First graders check out 1 book, and Second through Fifth graders check out 2 books. They may keep the book(s) for 1 week. (Books may be renewed if a student has not finished reading it).

In accordance with our school policy, your student will no longer receive an overdue notice when his/her books are late. We will remind them during their Library class that they did not return their book(s).  If after 4 weeks their books have not been returned, we will send a letter informing you of the overdue items. It is our hope that at that time you will help find and return the book, replace the book, or pay for it.

Parents! Come add your name to our data system and check out books from our library. Share an evening reading YOUR favorite book with your child.