Five Finger Test

Five Finger Test! 


What is the Five Finger Test you ask? It is a way to 'test' a book to see if it will be a perfect fit for you. Books that are at your level will help you grow as a reader. A book that is easy is totally fun but will not stretch your abilities. A book that is too hard can be very frustrating. Here are the steps of the 'test.'

  1. Select a book that looks interesting to you.

  2. Open to the middle of the book to a page that has few pictures. It should have lots of words.

  3. Start to read the page. It is a good idea to read in a whisper voice or aloud so you can hear where the problems crop up.

  4. Get your fingers ready! Each time you come to a word that you don't know, put up a finger.

  5. If you have five fingers up before the end of the page, consider waiting to read this one or have someone read it to you.

  6. If you have no fingers up by the end of the page, this is an easy one for you. Sometimes 'easy' is just what you want. Read it and enjoy.

  7. If you have two to four fingers up at the end of the page, this may be just the book to help you grow as a reader.