About Mrs. Roth

A & B July 2014

I started teaching in North Kitsap at Gordon Elementary in 2001 and have been at Pearson Elementary since 2002.  My experience has been teaching second through fourth grades, and I am excited to be with second graders this year. I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University and then spent a few years substituting in a suburb of San Diego, California. I was born and raised in Salem, Oregon with my three sisters and animals from our five acre cherry orchard. My husband, Brent, and I have been married for 20 years. He was a chief in the Navy on shore duty at the Trident Training Facility at Bangor, but retired in December of 2014. He is now working on finishing our home remodeling project as well as occasionally guiding military personnel in activities offered by the Pacific Edge Outfitters at Bangor. We live in a house on Rocky Point in Bremerton. We are currently in the midst of remodeling, mostly by ourselves, which occupies many of our weekends. Although when we are not working, we often enjoy many leisure activities such as camping, rafting, kayaking, stand-up-paddle boarding, hiking, biking, rock climbing, reading, card making, and exercising. Some of you may see me with other Pearson staff running or riding our bikes around Pearson. Together we have trained and completed a few triathlons and half-marathons. I like to set goals and work towards them, both in my personal and professional lives, enjoying the ride along the way.

Mrs. Roth