Reading Connections

Curriculum Overview



*Accelerated Reader/Independent Reading

*Guided Reading Groups

*Strategies, Skills, Fluency, Vocabulary
Useful Websites:

 Works Digital: Students use this website to read articles and answer questions, using evidence in the text to support their response. 

ReadWorks Digital :

Common Core Standards- Reading, Language

This link is for Washington State's website providing the English Language Arts expectations for all grades.  If you open the Common Core Standards for K-5, look for the 3rd grade column to see what we will be learning this year in literature, informational text, writing, language, as well as speaking and listening.


AR Levels

Find a book's AR level by using Book Finder.

Renaissance Learning

Students can take Star Tests and AR book quizzes only at school, but can be reading at home for finishing books.  

Practicing to Infer

In class we have been studying the strategy of making inferences while we read.  Good readers use clues from the text and illustrations in combination with their own knowledge to read between the lines at what the author might not say. This site gives some text and questions to see how well you can infer.


This site is great for beginning readers and for developing phonics skills.

Mrs. Perkins Dolch Word Review

This site has a timed slide show of the Dolch words. It's quick and easy!

The School Bell-Dolch Word

Dolch Word Review Activities - the Dolch words are the 220 most frequently found words in written text. Students should be able to read these words with automaticity. Instant recall of these words is helpful in increasing reading fluency.


This site has many activities to reinforce early reading, phonics, as well as long and short vowel skills.

Fun 4 The Brain-English

Select the best practice game for you:
-Base words with suffix endings in Base Word Baseball;
-Memorizing common sight words with Popcorn Words;
-Decoding two syllable words with Syllable Split;
-Words with "e" at the end with Magic "e" Adventures;
-Practice different reading strategies with My Reading Tools;
-Parts of speech with Panda Mayhem;

National Geographic Explorer

More information and activities to follow along with our clasroom news magazine.