School Wide Expectations

Lion School Wide Expectations!

Behaviors that disrupt or interfere with the education process or the safety of students and staff may result in disciplinary actions.
Refusal to comply with the stated classroom, school, or district rules and regulations shall constitute sufficient cause for discipline, suspension, or expulsion.
The following progressice steps will be used at Pearson for student misbehaviors:
  • Classroom Consequences - Teachers/Staff will deal with misbehaviors according to their classroom plan first.
  • Visit to buddy classroom - Teachers/Staff have established a discipline buddy classroon, where students can go to complete work, have a time out, or fill out a think plan.
  • Referral to the office - Teachers/Staff can refer a student to meet with the principal.
  • Suspension - In school or out of school suspensions will be arranged between the principal and the parent/guardian.
  • Expulsion - The principal may expel a student for an indefinite period of time.
For the purpose of the school and district discipline policies, the following definitions shall apply:
  • "Discipline" shall mean all forms of corrective action or consequences other than suspension and expulsion, and shall include the exclusion of a student from a class or activity by a teacher or administrator for a period of time not exceeding the balance of the immediate class period.
  • "Short-Term Suspension" is a suspension from school for 10 consecutive school days or less.
  • "Long-Term Suspension" is a suspension of 11 consecutive school days or more, but not to exceed 90 days.
  • "Expulsion" shall mean the denial of attendance for an indefinite period of time.
Anyone who wishes to have a copy of the complete district policy or procedure dealing with a particular issue may request one at our office.