Lunch Room Expectations

Lion Lunch Room Expectations!

  1. Walk at all times
  2. Use inside voices
  3. Clean up after yourself
  4. Be respectful of others' space and property
  5. Remain seated
  6. Absolutely no throwing allowed
  7. Wait quietly to be dismissed by an adult
  8. Respond immediately to "clap, clap, clap"
  9. A pass is required at all times in order to leave the lunchroom
  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Alternate seat
  3. Loss of free sit
  4. Last to be dismissed
  5. Loss of recess
  6. Boy/Girl order at lunch table
  7. Behavior report sent to teacher and/or principal
  8. Lunch in office
  1. Blue slips
  2. Pride-O-Grams
  3. Free sits
  4. First to go out to recess
  5. Visits to particular classrooms from the lunchroom supervisor or the principal to compliment a class in front of the teacher
  6. Other incentives as determined by the lunchroom staff