Social Studies

Report Instructions

Native American Project

  1. In class we have learned about 5 Native American regions in North America.

  2. Students have chosen one region to research, for learning more in order to complete their project  

  3. At home, students will be creating a model to represent a tribe within the region they chose. The instructions are found on Mrs. Roth's Newsletter and Handout Page. 

  4. Students should bring the finished project in by Wednesday June 7th to be shared with the class.  Then the projects will be displayed on Friday for guests at our school BBQ.


Native American Links: 

Homes: Look at the description and pictures of the different homes used by the Native American tribes. Native Homes

World Book Online-Indians, American-
(login and passwords are found on the Pearson library digital resources page) This will give you an overview of the Native Americans and provide links to specific tribes. Use the search words: Indians, American
World Book Online

Epic Books: Look at the collection of Native American books to read texts about your region and tribe. Epic Books  Class code is JCL-0506

Fact Monster: An overview of Native Americans and links to articles focusing on the regions. Fact Monster

States Links:

Enchanted Learning-50 States

Check out each state with Enchanted Learning.

Kids USA

Learn about the states with this website.

AV Book Site

Use the AV book code from the front of the school's state books to learn more about your assigned state.

Fact Monster

Use Fact Monster to learn about a state.

US Geography Games

Use these games to learn and memorize the states.

Washington State Map

A Washington elevation map with some landforms labeled


Examples of Landforms in Washington

Wikipedia's list of specific landforms of Washington State.

Quick Facts for Washington State

This is Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids sharing the basics about our state.

Class Brain: Washington State

A collection of imformative links about our great state!

Travel Washington

A photo gallery of hot spots in Washington state.