Classroom Expectations

Classroom Expectations

Individual behavior:

      I encourage making good choices in the classroom and on the playground.  Our three behavior expectations are: 

  1. Show respect. 

  2. Make good decision. 

  3. Solve problems. 

Whole Class Behavior:

Class compliments:  Positive behavior is reinforced through compliment parties.  Each time our class receives a compliment for positive behavior, we earn a point.  When the class earns 20 points, students earn a compliment party.  This may consist of a movie, popcorn, extra recess, extra Catch Up and Relish, or buddy reading time. The compliment must:

  1. Come from an adult

  2. Be given to Mrs. Kline (not a student)

  3. Be awarded to the entire class (for example, walking quietly through the halls; cooperative behavior in P.E., etc.)

Once the class has earned 20 compliments, we will have a "Compliment Party."