Mrs. Derr's / Mrs. Freeman's Classroom Plan
**Major Instructional Goals:
--Follow Washington State Standards at http://www.k12.wa.us/CurriculumInstruct/learningstandards.aspx
--Help students develop the skills and strategies to manage their own behavior.
--Help students develop the skills and strategies to become attentive, engaged, and productive learners.

**General Rules and Expectations:
  1.  Be Attentive adn Engages in the Learning
  2. Follow Directions & Rules
  3. Be Respectful and Use Quiet Voices
  4. Come On Time and Come Prepared to Learn
  5. Turn Assignments in one Time.
    1. Students are responsible for having the required supplies at school.
    2. Students are responsible for taking care of their supplies and textbooks in a respectful manner or pay for replacement.
    3. Students are given a Daily Planner and are expected to write assignment names and due dates in it each day. When absent, students must check with their Study Buddy and fill in those days. Planners will be graded.
    4. Students are held responsible for their choice of words and actions.
    ** Positive Consequences:
    • Tickets - Are awarded during the month for appropriate group or individual behavior. Tickets can also be earned for effort or achievement in academics.
    • Ticket Day - The students can choose to turn in their tickets or save them. The teacher will randomly draw a number of names. Students chosen may select the treat of the day or a No Work Pass for one free assignment.
    • Praise - Students will hear praise from the teacher when they have worked hard. Excellent work is often posted on bulletin boards.
    • The Monthly Movie - Students have the privilege of watching a video in the classroom at the end of each month if all assignments are turned in and they have not accumulated 3 or more behavior consequences. Teachers will provide study hall for those students who need extra time to work on meeting class expectations.
    ** Negative Consequences:

    1st Offense - Verbal Reminder

    2nd " " - Name on the board & 5 minute loss of recess

    3rd " " - Check mark by name & 10 minute loss of recess

    4th " " - Second check mark, loss of movie & 15 minutes loss of recess, may be sent to buddy class

    5th " " - Third check mark & student is sent to Principal

    Severe Offense - Sent to Principal immediately


    **Late Assignments:
    1. Most assignments will be accepted late within a reasonable time period.
    2. The grade will be lower than if the assignment had been turned in on time.
    3. Long term assignments will NOT be accepted late.
    4. Students should contact their Study Buddy when absent to keep up to date with their work.
    **Missed Work:
    It is the student's responsibility to obtain the classwork/homework assignments, notes and any other pertinent information that is missed during an absence.
    **Our grading system is the district's Standards Based Grading Scale:

    4=Above the Standard: Superior Performance, consistent advanced work beyond the state's Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EARLs) and Grade Level Expectations (GLEs); consistent advanced work

    3=Meets the Standard: Solid Performance meeting the state's GLEs, few errors, some advanced work.

    2=Working Toward the Standard: Partial Performance, severe errors, but making progress & working toward the standard.

    1=Below the Standard: Little or No Demonstration of Understanding, no forward progress noted.

    ****Some assessments are noted as +/Q for quality effort, S for satifactory effort, or -/N for Needs to Improve.

    Failing to master essential core content is not an option.  Students who do not demonstrate their ability to master essential concepts through successful completion of classwork and homework will be provided additional opportunities, such as Monthly Study Hall and Learning Lunch Lab, where he/she may receive additional work time and/or strategies.

    **Field Trips

    Field trip forms are given to students with specific dates for the collection of money and return of the form.  If the form isn’t returned on or before the date, the student will not be allowed to attend the field trip.  The office collects the specific monetary amount during the dates listed on the form.  Please remember that exact change is needed.  Scholarships may be available but requests for these must be made in writing.  

    If you have any questions about the grading system or your child's progress please don't hesitate to contact us.