Class/Student Planner

What's Happening with Student Planners?

   In 5th grade, we use the planner as a tool to improve responsibility, study skills, and communication skills.   Each morning students are expected to write each of the day's assignment in their planner.  At the end of the day students highlight or circle the work that they have for homework.   We guide them through the process (they have to copy it off the whiteboard) and give them time complete it accurately before it’s checked by the teacher.

The assignment written in the planner should meet the following criteria:
  • written in the correct content area (Math, Language, Reading, Science, Soc. Studies, Spelling,...)
  • have a name that is specific (ex.-"Fractions page 32", NOT "pink paper")
  • include the due date (ex. - "due Wed"., or "due 9/23", or "ongoing", or "keep")
  • should be checked off if done or highlighted/circled if going home for homework

The next day, when students turn in work that has been completed at home, they are to cross it off in their planner. If students have their name on the whiteboard for missing work at any time during the week, they need to copy that into the planner at the end of the day.   Students also list any upcoming tests that they need to be studying for during the week.

    This process helps students develop a visual guide and organizing tool to increase their independence and responsibility for their own work.    It also helps students develop a communication tool to provide an accurate flow of information between school and home.    We encourage our students to think of themselves as a valuable and responsible member of their education team.  

Below is a sample page of a typical student planner page.    

Last Modified on August 28, 2014