School Supplies

In our classrooms, students are responsible for their own supplies. 
We do not "pool" supplies for all to draw from. 
At this age, students are ready to assume the responsibility for coming prepared to do the job. 
It is a responsibility that we encourage and reinforce on a daily basis.
This year, students will need:

1. A sturdy 1 1/2" binder with dividers

2. Two Boxes of 24 Colored Pencils.

(We use these a lot! You will probably go through several sets throughout the year)

3. 4 Magic Rub or Pink Pearl Erasers for art

4. One Metal Inch & Centimeter Ruler (plastic & wood get broken by October)

5. Three large size Glue sticks (PLEASE - no liquid glue!)

6.   #2 Pencils (You need a constant supply of these all year long)

7. Notebook Paper (recycled ok)

8. 4 Black "Sharpie" markers (additional colors are recommended )

9. 4 Black Ultra Fine "Sharpie" markers (additional colors are recommended)

10. One USB Flash Drive

11. Pointed Metal Scissors

12. Pencil box or zipper bag for storage

13. Small Pencil sharpener

14.Water Bottle (for water only)

15. 2 Highlighters (any color)

16. 2 Spiral bound Notebooks (70-100 page, single subject)  

17. 2 Composition Notebooks

18.  2-box of Clorex wipes (last name A-L)

19. 1 boxes of Kleenex (or similar) tissue (last name M-Z)

20.  1 package paper towels

21. 1 set of folder dividers (5 tab minimum)


** The school will provide a planner for each student. Students are expected to write their assignments and due dates in the planner on a daily basis.