Math Graph Program

Graphing Assignments

1. Go to the Create A Graph page at:
2. Click on Select A Graph.
3. Choose a line graph or a bar graph (or other style of graph as assigned).  The rest of these instruction are specifically for a science investigation - bar graph assignment.   Students may need to alter the instructions if using it for a different assignment.
4.  Select "2-15" for the number of points ( or 1-15 for number of bars) to display.
     Select "2" for the number of lines to display
5. Type the title of the investigation (example: Plant Growth).
6.  Type the title of the X-axis (example: Day Measured).
7. Type the Y-axis title (example: Height of Plant).
8. Name each line or bar (example: Line 1 - Plant in Dirt and Line 2 - Plant in Jellies)
9.  Choose a color for that line or bar.   Choose a color and shape for your points.
10. Type your data in the point boxes (or value box for bar graphs).
       (example: day 2 your dirt plant measured 1 cm so type to the right of "Point 1" under "Line 1 X Axis" the number 2 and under the Y Axis type 1)  
11. Type zero in the Min. Value box.
12. Type a rounded up number of your greatest amount from your results data in the Max. Value box. (example: if your tallest plant was 18 centimeters, make the Max Value on your graph be 20)
13. Choose "Large" as graph size.
14. Leave Background color as "default".
15. Choose JPEG as the Image File Type.
16. Click on Create Printable Graph.
17. Print the graph you made and mount it on construction paper background.
     Or you can right click, Save As, and Insert it into your computer written document of the investigation.
Here's an example of each type: