Math Links

Math Online Textbook: Math Expressions
This is the link to the classroom math textbook.
Click on Math Expressions.
User name: 7 digit student ID number
Password: student initials and student ID number (no spaces but initials MUST be capitalized)

Math Magician

Go to this site for a lot of practice opportunities.  If you click on Math Magic, it takes you to another level where you can mix operations and work at a higher level.

IXL=I Excel at Math!
Here's the Math skills program that we have a subscription to. Each student has their own username (student ID number) and password (initials and student ID number with no spaces). Lots of opportunity to improve old skills and explore new ones.

Multiplication Math Facts

Practice your multiplication skills with these games!

ABC Ya Math Games

Ultimate Math Challenge
This site will challenge you to a math fact practice that even made me think hard in the YIKES category. Good Luck!

Math Poppers
Here's a game that will help you increase the speed of your math facts while you pop balloons.

Hands on Equations
This website will explain a bit about how our new algebra program works.

Free Math Worksheets for Extra Credit Practice at Home
This link will take you to a website that allows you to create a worksheet on whatever math topic you wish for practicing math at home.

Free Math Practice Worksheets
Here is a site that allows you to make free worksheets.

Free Math Facts practice program
Here's a free math facts program that let's you set the mix of problems you want to study.

Prime Number Chart
Visit the Math is Fun website for a prime number chart!

Square Numbers Chart
Visit the Fact Monster website for a definition and chart of square numbers.

Online Math Book
password: student ID number
login: initials and student ID number (capitalize, no spaces)

Math Dictionary

Easy to understand definitions of math words.

Gamequarium Multiplication

One, two and three digit multiplication games.

Multiplication Chart Activity

Multiplication Chart Interactive Game

Multiplication Games (Fun 4 the Brain)

Variety of interactive games practicing basic math skills.

Fact Practice

Great practice site because it tells you which ones are incorrect.

Place Value Game

Practice your place value skills by finding the name of the red underlined digit.

Learning Planet Games

Math, geography, science and even language practice games!

Math Frog Games

Games for multiplication, fractions, decimals, measurement, graphing and more!

Math Playground

Word problems, math games, logic puzzles, worksheets, flash card practice, etc.

Fun Brain Math Arcade

25 different mathematical games!

A+ Math

An interactive website created to help improve your math skills.

Fresh Baked Fractions

Find the fraction that doesn't belong...

Melvin's Make a Match

Match the equivalent fractions!

Quia Fraction Practice

Equivalent fractions and decimal squares

Mathplay Word Problems

Learn how to solve multistep word problems when you play with numbers and give your brain a workout.

Online Measurement Conversion

Here's a place to help with measurement and converting from one unit to another. 

Probability Games

Flipping Coins, Rolling Dice, and Items behind a Door allow you to play with probablility. 

Introduction to Coordinates

Here is some basic information for the investigation of coordinates.


Use this website to create and publish a variety of types of graphs.

Brain Teasers

Here you will find several story problems to challenge your math skills.


Explanations to help understand 4th grade content.

Homework help, practice and games.

Math Webquests

Try these webquests for a bit of challenging but fun activities.

Virtual Math Worksheets

Another way for your child to practice some math skills.  Topics to try: rounding decimals, fractions, percentages and measurement.