Science Links

Science Links

We are very excited to have our new science textbooks from Macmillan/McGraw-Hill. Students cannot take the textbooks home, but they can access the entire textbook online. They even have the ability to click on a little picture of a speaker and have the material read aloud to them.
Students can find the online textbook at:

The user name is NK and their student ID number (no spaces and all capitalized). The password is the student's initials and ID number (no spaces and all capitalized)

There is an additional site that has supporting vocabulary games, chapter summaries, and animations at :

And then there all our wonderful links below to explore. Enjoy sciencing!
The Science Spot
The Planets  

Mad Scientist Experiments

NASA Solar System  

Science Fair Project Guide

Kids' Space Links  

Science Explorer

Build Your Own Solar System  

Project Ideas

Quest by NASA  

Mini Science Home Page

NASA Quest Rockets


Exploratorium Sci- Snacks

Amazing Space

  Your Weight On Other Worlds  
  Solar System  
  Space Facts  
Night Sky / Rotation vs Revolution Constellations  
Virtual Moon What are constellations?  
Star Date Online - Moon Chart Constellations List  
Sky Map Modern Constellations  
Earth Movements Explained Constellation Mythology  
You Tube about Earth in Space

Constellation Guide

Rotation & Revolution Movie Sky Tellers  
Day & Night Rotation Constellation Myths and Information  
Rotation Vs. Revolution Constellation Myths  
Make a Star Wheel Constellation Legends  
Rotation & Revolution Modern Constellation Info  
  Constellations from Enchanted Learning  
Earth Sciences Pictures in the Sky (pronunciation/information)  
Hotlist Earth Science Alphabetical Listing of Constellations  
Earth Science for Schools Northern Hemisphere Constellations  
NASA Earth Science Southern Hemisphere Constellations   
  Stars and Constellation Info  
Kitsap Co. water for kids    
USGS Water Science Kingdoms & Classifications
The Groundwater Story (video) Five Kingdoms information
  Classification Information
Geology/Rock Cycle Kids Planet Animal Page
Mineral Gallery Animals of the world Info & Games
Rockhounds Animal pictures archive  
Growing Crystals Animal Pictures  
Kids Geo National Geographic Animals  
Rocks and Minerals Nat. Geo. Creature Feature  
  Animal Facts & Games  
Biomes/Ecosystems Interesting Animals of the World  
Biomes of the World Bird House Basics  
Earth Floor Biomes Barn Owl Video  
World Biomes Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection  
 Biomes Owl Casting a Pellet Video  
  Life Cycles  
Newton's Laws of Motion    
Newton's Laws    
Newton's 3 Laws Trees, Plants, and Flowers  
Gravity Photosynthesis  
   Biology of Plants  
Air Pressure Part of flowers and its life cycle  
NASA Kids Tree Life Cycles (and types of trees)  
Hovercrafts Pacific NW Flora & Fauna
The Hovercraft Homepage The Great Plant Escape  
  Forests of Washington  
Simple Machines WA Dept of Natural Resources  
The Elements of Machines

Burke Museum: Plants of Washington

Types of Machines Trees in Washington  
Simple Machine Info WSU Native Plants  
  USDA Facts of Plants and Trees  
Force and Motion Trees Info  
Force and Motion Study Jam video Photosynthesis  
   Stages of a Flower  
   Magic School Bus gets planted (video)  
States of Matter    
Matter Dialogue for Kids (short version video) Cells/Biology
Changing Water to other states Cells Alive  
Scholastic Solids, Liquids, and Gasses Cells
Matter Bacteria Museum  
Changing States (use cell)  
Physical/Chemical Changes    
  Human Body/Health  
 Chemistry Virtual Body  
 The "Atom"'s Family The Human Body  
CHEM4KIDS.COM Neuroscience for Kids  
An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements Facts about the Human Body  
Snowflake Science Kids Biology  
Chemistry Facts Discovery Kids  
  Kids Health  
Energy The Human Systems for Kids  
Energy Quest Projects Systems working together  
Electricity (use human body)  
Electricity Links

Interaction of systems chart


Magnet Info  
Sound Energy  Food Chain  
The Science of Light  Food Chain Info  
Misc. Games
Science Dialogue for Kids (videos) ages past Science World Games  
Sandlot Illusions Science Games and Facts  
Science Learning Network Just for Fun  
Cyber Kids Study Jams for all science topics
Science Resources    
Kids Konnect (all science)


Science Sites  Science of Winter Games (videos)  
NK District Science Kits (past curriculum)  Science and Engineering of 2014 Winter Games (videos)  
Curriculum Links  NBC Olympic Coverage  
   Olympic Organization  
   2014 Sochi Official Website  
   Nutrition of Cross Country Skiers, Figure Skaters and Ice Hockey  
   Science Figure Skating  
   Freestyle Moguls Rules  
   Hockey Rules  
   Figure Skating rules short program  
   Freestyle Skiing  
   Event information