Transition to Middle School

Transition Information for Parents

Your child will likely be concerned about:

New teachers

Making new friends & losing old friends

More homework

No recess

Getting lost on a bigger campus

Having lockers and combination locks

Learning new rules

A more demanding schedule

You can relieve some of their stress by:

-taking advantage of the opportunities provided to meet the teachers before the first day of school.

-trying to find a neighbor or friend with a student who has just completed 6th grade and arrange for the student and your child to get together and talk about the coming year.

-encouraging your child to continue to use a planner such as the one provided this year.

-talking with your child about your positive middle school/junior high experiences.

-checking out the Poulsbo Middle School web site with your child to see the opportunities offered. Activities at PMS include such things as Band, Choir, Art Club, Chess Club, Drama, FFA, History Day and a variety of athletic programs.

-buying a standard combination lock and let them practice ahead of time.

-listening and asking questions.

-being ready to talk when your child needs/wants to talk.

You can help make the transition successful by:Highlighting the positives!

They will have more independence.

They will enjoy a greater amount of opportunities.

They will like feeling and acting more like an adult.

There are better food choices at lunch.

There will be lots of fun opportunities for making new friends.