Math Resources

Math Expressions-Background

Here is some background information to help you understand the way we are learning math in class.

IXL Math Practice

This website provides a variety of targeted skills to help review, practice, or enrich math understanding.  It is used in the classroom and can be used independently at home.


Practice your facts and see what you need to practice as you go!

Use for the e-mail address, your name, and the pin given to you.

Think You Can, Work Hard and Get Smarter!

Mega Math

Here's the website to practice all different math skills that follow with our classroom learning and practice.

Multiplication Songs:
Threes song:

Fact Dash

Here is a good way to practice answering addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division facts quickly.  Practice with this site to prepare for the weekly timings given in class.

Mathplay Word Problems

Learn how to solve multistep word problems when you play with numbers and give your brain a workout.

Brain Teasers

Here you will find several story problems to challenge your math skills.

Math Webquests

 =Try these webquests for a bit of challenging but fun activities.

Geometry Vocabulary

Here's a list of vocabulary and their definitions that are used in class during our Geometry Unit and through the rest of fourth grade. This unit was completed in December 2012.

Geometry Vocabulary