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Welcome to WaKIDS

We are thrilled to have your child join North Kitsap School District Kindergarten! This will be a year full of new experiences, discoveries, and friendships. Our school district participates in a special program called WaKIDS (Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills), which is designed specifically for Kindergarten students. The goal of WaKIDS is to:

  1. Welcome students and families to Kindergarten.
  2. Assess students' strengths.
  3. Discuss the characteristics of children's development and learning that will enable them to be successful in school.

As a parent, you play an important role in your child's education, and your support is crucial for their success.

The WaKIDS program has three components. The first component is the Family Connection, where families can meet with their child's kindergarten teacher in one-on-one meetings at the beginning of the school year. These meetings allow families to get to know the teacher and establish a comfortable environment for open communication. This helps build a relationship between families and teachers, enabling them to work together to support children's success in school. These meetings will take place in September or during the district-scheduled conferences in October.  Teachers will reach out to families after the start of school with an invitation to a conference.  

The second component is the Whole Child Assessment, where teachers identify children's strengths to provide targeted support where it is needed most.

The third component is Early Learning Collaboration, which aligns the practices of early learning professionals and kindergarten teachers to support a smooth transition for children.

For more information about WaKIDS, please visit We are excited to embark on this journey with you and your child as they begin their exciting journey in Kindergarten!

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