Substitute Information

Important Links for Substitutes


Substitutes are expected to work at least four days each month during the school year (excluding periods when substitute jobs are unavailable). If advance notice of lack of availability is not provided to Liz Campbell and approved, this will result in immediate removal from the substitute list. Anyone who has been removed from the substitute list for this reason and wishes to work for North Kitsap School District again must apply via Fast Track, attend orientation and complete required online training. Background checks will be conducted. Updated 1/28/22.

Substitutes who, within a four-week period:

  • Drop more than one job
  • Decline three or more jobs
  • Consistently failed to answer phone calls from Liz Campbell OR
  • Consistently failed to return messages regarding work opportunities

will be subject to a review of their work records with the North Kitsap School District. This could result in removal from the substitute list. A job is considered “dropped” if a substitute declines it (after having accepted it) less than 36 hours before the job start and does not provide prompt notice to Liz Campbell.

Regular employees who have separated from service and wish to substitute for North Kitsap School District must apply via Fast Track, complete required online courses, and attend orientation. Background checks will be conducted. All new substitutes will be paid for training at the current minimum wage rate after completing assigned online courses, attending any onsite training, being fingerprinted, and filling out all required paperwork.

Requesting Substitutes

All NKEA and PSE members must use ReadySub to book their own subs. Please leave a message on Liz Campbell's line if that isn't possible.

Emergency Information

If you have questions about whether or not NKSD is closed or running late, visit the district homepage, call the emergency information line at (360) 396-3993, or tune in to local TV or radio stations. Notification is provided by 6:00 am if possible.

Vector Training link (free online courses; the username for substitutes is firstnamelastname i.e., johnsmith)

Accessing the Sexual Misconduct Release Form:

View OSPI Sexual Misconduct Release Form PDF to fill out and print

Additional information is available on the Staff Forms page under HR - District Protocols.