Discipline Procedures

The Pearson Staff determined the following progressive steps to be used for student misbehaviors:

1st - Classroom interventions – Teachers/staff will deal with misbehaviors at the classroom level first.

2nd - Visit to discipline buddy classroom – Teachers/staff have established a discipline buddy classroom, where students can be sent to complete work, have a time out, or fill out a think plan.

3rd - Referral to the office – Teachers/staff can refer a student to see the principal in the office.

Other discipline options:

Friday after school detention – Another option the principal may use as a consequence is Friday after school detention. Students will remain at school for a couple of hours under the direct supervision of a staff member. Parents will be required to provide transportation home.

Suspension – In school or out of school.

In a progressive discipline policy the frequency and severity of offenses will be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is possible that a student’s 1st infraction may result in a suspension.

The trading and selling of any item (Pokeman cards, sports cards, personal items, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Illegal items or other possessions reasonably determined to be a threat to the safety or security of others may be seized by the school administration. Items which are used to disrupt or interfere with the educational process maybe removed from the student’s possession. Refusal to comply with the stated rules and regulations shall constitute sufficient cause for discipline, suspension or expulsion. For the purposes of the district's policies, the following definitions shall apply

Discipline will be progressive with the steps for correction clearly outlined and defined with input from the student and parent(s) when necessary. In cases of "exceptional misconduct" or severe misbehavior, the steps of progressive discipline may not apply. The following types of misconduct are considered exceptional:

  1. Assault or intentional behavior threatening or cau, sing bodily harm.
  2. False fire alarm.
  3. Malicious, sexual or racial harassment.
  4. Possession and/or use of a dangerous (or look-a-like) weapon.
  5. Possession, distribution and/or use of any prohibited substance.
  6. Possession or use of any in, cendiary device.
  7. Extortion, forgery, theft, gambling, and vandalism including graffiti.
Anyone who wishes to have a copy of the complete district policy or procedure dealing with a particular issue may request one at our office.

Disciplinary Action Forms