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Social Emotional Learning

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In the ever-evolving landscape of education, the North Kitsap School District is nurturing a learning environment that fosters not only academic excellence but also holistic student development. Central to this innovative approach is the incorporation of Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) into the district's strategic plan. NKSD envisions each of its students as confident, competent, creative, and compassionate individuals prepared for an unpredictable future. The contribution of SEL in realizing this vision is undeniable.

SEL is a comprehensive approach that integrates the development of social and emotional skills into the educational process. These skills equip students to manage their academic journey, navigate the complexities of school life, and prepare for the challenges of work and life beyond school. NKSD firmly believes that SEL is pivotal in transforming students into well-rounded individuals who can successfully adapt to the demands of the 21st-century world.

"Social-emotional learning teaches the whole child and leads to the development of powerful learning habits that include essential skills such as emotional management, collaboration, communication, and responsible decision-making. SEL skills impact both the readiness to learn and the ability to benefit from learning opportunities." Chris Reykal, Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction

What is Social Emotional Learning?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) refers to the ongoing process that enables both children and adults to:

  • Understand and manage emotions
  • Set and achieve positive goals
  • Feel and show empathy for others
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships
  • Make responsible decisions

Social Emotional Leaning Includes:

A Comprehensive Approach...

At North Kitsap School District, we employ a multi-faceted and integrated approach to nurture Social Emotional Learning (SEL) within our educational framework. Recognizing the profound influence of SEL on students' academic and life success, we strategically blend numerous strategies and structures that mutually reinforce one another.

In our elementary schools, we utilize the RULER program, an evidence-based approach developed at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. This program employs scientific principles to instruct students in recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating emotions. Various tools such as the Mood Meter, school and class Charter, Meta-Moments, and the Blueprint are introduced to students throughout the year, facilitating a positive learning environment.

At the middle and high school levels, we implement the Character Strong program, which focuses on cultivating essential character traits like patience, kindness, humility, respect, selflessness, forgiveness, honesty, and commitment. It also strengthens students' social-emotional skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision making, and relationship skills.

These diverse but complimentary strategies create a comprehensive SEL approach at NKSD, fostering the holistic development of our students. This integrated approach ensures students are not only academically prepared but also emotionally equipped to navigate the challenges of school, work, and life.

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